See the Difference Compassion Makes


Barco’s Nightingales Foundation salutes the many generations of nurses for their tremendous contribution in making the world a better place for each of us. Our objective is to focus our philanthropic efforts on helping to mend the lives of children and their families, while also dedicating ourselves to honoring these nurses…the women and men who make a difference every day.

Inspired To Do Even More

The genuine happiness among the villagers at having access to something we all take for granted – fresh water – was also a humbling reminder of what is still needed.

Every Day Is A New Miracle

We are very proud of the solar water wells that Barco’s Nightingales Foundation has built, mostly because for the people in Haiti, every day with clean water is a new miracle.

Over 700 Meals A Day

We are delighted to share that with the help of your generous support we have extended our hot lunch program in Haiti to include two more schools, both located in Banane!


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See the impact in the world of a profession in service to others.