Barco Uniforms Helps The Environment By Recycling Millions of Plastic Bottles

One of the largest leaders in the premium healthcare apparel industry, Barco Uniforms recently announced that it has saved 16.8 million plastic bottles from polluting the environment since turning them into fabric for their Barco One and Skechers by Barco scrub collections in 2016 and 2018

5 recycled plastic bottles are embedded in the fabric of each Barco One garment, and roughly 7.5 million bottles were used. Their Skechers garment is made from 7 recycled plastic bottles, and roughly 9.3 million recycled bottles were used. Each collection of scrubs features a moisture-wicking fabric that is designed to release soil.

“We are only starting to understand the devastating consequences of our global dependence on plastic and the pollution epidemic,” said David Murphy, president and CEO of Barco Uniforms. “Barco is proud to have taken concrete steps to keep plastic bottles out of landfills and the waste stream. Barco One and Skechers collections are the first lines of medical scrubs to incorporate a sustainable element into their fabric, and we are eager to see an increase in the number of bottles that we incorporate into our fabric technology in the years to come.”

In order to create the fabric, the plastic bottles are first cleaned and then turned into pellets. From there, the pellets are then crushed and melted, and the melted plastic turns into thread which is woven with polyester.

“The last year has been marked by stories of marine animals washing up on shore with hundreds of tons of plastic pollution in their stomachs,” said Peggy Schulz, Vice President of Corporate Marketing of Barco Uniforms. “We’ve incorporated plastic bottles into our fabric with the hope of contributing to a cleaner world and a safer environment for marine life. Barco One’s fabric technology not only helps marine life, it’s also inspired by veterinarians due to its Quick-shed™ property, so it’s truly a win-win for our environment and the animal kingdom alike.”

Due to the fabrics antistatic properties which allows animal hair to easily fall from the surface of the fabric, the Barco One garment is extremely popular among pet groomers and veterinarians.

Barco’s Skechers line is geared towards the healthcare professionals who appreciate style and quality that is typically associated with the more highly respected brands. Aside from recycled bottles, the fabric in both Barco One and Skechers has a spandex-stretch for comfort and modern design styling that is made for all body types.



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