Lab Coats Trendy Enough for TV

Not all lab coats are created equal; especially if the label reads Barco Uniforms—the exclusive designer and manufacturer of Grey’s Anatomy Professional Wear by Barco.

Don’t let the color white of lab coats fool you—there’s big difference between the quality of lab coats and it’s all in the details which start at Barco’s headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

Most medical historians agree that physicians first started wearing white lab coats in the early 19th century. Today, lab coats are a symbol of recognition, respect and professionalism for healthcare professionals and laboratory workers.


For over nine decades, Barco has maintained its position as the leader of meaningful professional apparel brands that are innovative, modern and relevant, curated with unsurpassed quality standards from the finest fabrics around the globe. Unlike trendy brands that come and go, Grey’s Anatomy is a global brand that millions of healthcare professionals have chosen to wear since the beginning of their careers and to which they remain loyal.

Not even the smallest detail goes unnoticed in the design and fit process. Barco’s in-house Design Team takes extra measures to consider not only the design of their lab coats, but also the functionality of each pocket, lapel and sleeve as equally important.

Ample space for custom name embroidery is a very important feature, as well as pocket size; many of Barco’s lab coat pockets are large enough to accommodate iPads, tablets or multiple tools.

Curated from non-yellowing fabric, Barco’s premium lab coat tailoring includes features such as generous lapel facings, which ensure that the coat looks as beautiful when unbuttoned as it does fully buttoned. Sleeves set-on-the-round, a tailoring detail typically only found in premium designer label coats, which allows a coat to hang perfectly symmetric when worn open. Finished seams and yoke linings are also among some of the elevated design features found in Barco’s lab coats, even at the lower end of their lab coat brand pyramid.


Barco Uniforms appeared on the scene in 1929 as a maker of professional uniforms in the beauty industry. By the 1940s, Barco’s name became synonymous with “fashion innovation” in nurses’ dresses. In 1956, Barco was commissioned by a popular Los Angeles men’s suit designer to make its first two lab coats under the label “Mr. Barco.”

Fast-forward to 2006, when Barco partnered with ABC Studios, creating the instantly popular Grey’s Anatomy Professional Wear by Barco, which launched in 2007. The Grey’s Anatomy brand has been so successful that it now has seven sub-brand collections including lab coats. Barco continues to pour passion for modern, relevant design and premium quality into its scrub and lab coat brands, keeping consumers coming back for more.



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