• 1920


    Morris Barker launches Barco in 1929 to provide uniforms for beauty and residential professionals.

  • 1930


     Barco produces its first medical uniforms in 1936 when Kenneth Donner takes the reins, setting a bold, new course for the company and the industry as a whole.

  • 1940


    Barco becomes the first to merge fashion with uniform design in 1940, earning the once regional company its spot on the national stage.

  • 1943


    In 1943, Barco pioneers the use of nylon in uniforms, giving its garments a more graceful, feminine line while improving performance and durability.

  • 1950


    Barco continues to turn the industry onto Dupont’s™ latest fibers, creating nurses’ uniforms from the same fabrics and yarns used in fashion apparel to enhance comfort and style.

  • 1960


    Barco introduces warp knits to medical uniforms, for exceptional comfort and wash properties.

  • 1962


    In 1962, Barco’s ties to the fashion industry grow stronger as the company helps launch the modeling career of Cheryl Tiegs, becoming one of her first clients.

  • 1965


    In 1965, Barco produces the world’s first fashion scrubs and introduces 100% textured woven fabrics to uniform design.

  • 1967


    The height of the Space Age. And Barco is there, with some truly out-of-this-world “concept” uniforms.

  • 1970


    With Denny’s Restaurants as a new client, Barco enters the corporate uniform arena in 1970, premiering the warp knit pantsuit for Burger King soon after. In 1970, Barco also becomes an early entrant into the digital age, implementing an IBM computer system.

  • 1980


    Barco launches the Work Force™ label in 1980 with a line of white fashion separates designed to be mixed and matched, creating a complete wardrobe for the medical professional. Also in 1980, Barco introduces the first full line of highly styled, colored uniforms and pantsuits for the restaurant industry.

  • 1982


    CEO Kenneth Donner is honored for 50 years of accomplishment in the professional apparel industry. Barco’s design excellence is recognized with the National Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors’ (NAUMD) “Image of the Year” Award.

  • 1990


    Barco introduces its Petite Floral, which sparks a print revolution in medical uniforms that, today, is stronger than ever.

  • 1995


    In 1995, Barco’s Riverwashed™ brand becomes the first soft woven formulation used in the uniform industry.


  • 1995


    Barco Uniforms is named an approved apparel supplier for KFC Restaurants expanding on Barco’s partnership with Yum! Brands. In 2012, Barco becomes the sole supplier for KFC Apparel. Great Lakes Regional Association awards Barco Vendor of the Year for 2014.


  • 2000


    Barco pioneers the use of authentic stretch in medical apparel with its FLEXX World fabrics.

  • 2001


    Barco brings a sense of magic and wonder to professional medical apparel with its Disney™ line.

  • 2002


    Barco invents fashion reversible scrubs in 2002 under the Multiples concept. In 2004, Barco becomes part of McDonald’s effort to upgrade the appearance of its employees and enhance its brand. This same year, Barco wins the “Image of the Year” Award from NAUMD for its designs for McDonald’s.

  • 2004


    Barco Uniforms is awarded the uniform program partnership for McDonald’s, winning the 2004 Image of the Year Award by NAUMD. Many awards have followed the relationship including another Image of the Year award in 2009, Teamwork Award from McDonald’s in 2014 and in 2012, McDonald Global Best of Sustainable Supply: Community Impact for Life Changing Surgeries around the world.


  • 2006


    In 2006, Barco revolutionizes medical uniforms for the nursing industry by partnering with ABC and creating the instantly popular Grey’s Anatomy™ Professional Wear by Barco. In 2007, Barco wins the “Best New Line of the Year” Award from the Uniform Retailers Association for its Grey’s Anatomy™ collection.

  • 2008


    Michael and Frida Donner establish Barco’s Nightingales Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to honoring nurses by helping children.


  • 2008


    McDonald’s honors Barco in 2008 and 2009 with its Teamwork Award. In 2009, Barco celebrates its 80th anniversary. In a nod to its future, the company also establishes its Lean Initiative Program. Also in 2009, the company launches Crayola™Threads by Barco, a vibrant new collection inspired by the power of color.

  • 2009


    The company introduces its new NRG by Barco™ line. Barco wins the 2009 “Image of the Year” Award from NAUMD. Also in 2009, the company launches Crayola™Threads by Barco, a vibrant new collection inspired by the power of color.

  • 2010


    Barco becomes the sole supplier for Jack-in-the-Box.

  • 2010


    Barco unveils its Advanced Research Clothing™ Technology (arcTechnology™) in 2010. Barco and its employees donate $10,000 to the Haiti earthquake relief effort.

  • 2011


    Barco Uniforms becomes the sole supplier for Wendy’s. In 2014, Barco wins the NAUMD Uniform Design in Quick Service Award.

  • 2011


    On April 2011, 424 Barco employees and friends join Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times Walk for Kids in Barco’s Nightingales Foundations first Walk for Kids. This first walk raised funds for 160 surgeries, sending 35 kids with cancer to the camp.

  • 2013


    Barco Uniforms launches Grey’s Anatomy™ Signature, a premium brand introducing 4-way stretch with sophisticated styling.

  • 2014


    The highly successful Grey’s Anatomy™ line introduces another addition to the family. Active styling and details with the same comfort and easy care becomes an instant hit.

  • 2015


    Barco Uniforms becomes the approved Jamba Juice uniform supplier for US, Taiwan, and Canada.

  • 2015


    In honor of Kenneth Donner, his spirit and his beliefs, a new line geared to youthfulness and giving back is born. Ten plastic bottles equal one scrub set. They are, “Made to Make a Difference.”


  • 2015


    Barco Uniforms becomes the sole uniform provider for Qdoba, partnering with the brand and developing a new uniform program complimenting the décor of the new restaurant interior and the brand’s fresh and bold flavors.

  • 2016


    Barco Uniforms partners with Panda Restaurant Group to provide uniform apparel for Panda Express. Panda Express is the largest Chinese-restaurant chain in the US.

  • 2016


    Barco One™ makes its debut…the first high-performance scrub brand in the healthcare industry with a proprietary groundbreaking fabric technology, arctech™. The innovation behind the advanced qualities of the sustainable fabric transformed the healthcare industry while using five recycled plastic bottles to make each garment.


  • 2016



    Barco Uniforms became the sole supplier of Pei Wei in 2016.

  • 2016


    Barco Uniforms became the sole supplier of PF Chang’s in 2016.

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