Seeking ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Gifts? Pick These! Choose These! Love These! (PHOTOS)


With all due respect to ’90s girl group TLC, yes, we do want some scrubs. And T-shirts. And wine glasses.

The demand for Grey’s Anatomy merchandise and gifts hasn’t flatlined in the decade and a half that the ABC hospital drama has been on the air. If anything, there are more products than ever, thanks to sites like Etsy and Redbubble. Below are some of our favorite examples of Grey’s merchandise, scrubs included!

Grey’s Anatomy, Two-Hour Season 17 Premiere, Thursday, November 12, 9/8c, ABC

Grey’s Anatomy 71166 Women’s Top

Barco’s Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs collection offers scrubs bearing the show logo in sizes from XS to 5XL and a variety of colors. Go with light blue if you wanna give off intern vibes or navy blue if you want the authority of an attending. $25.95,


Magic Names Adult Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Honor the show’s original M.A.G.I.C. intern class with this long-sleeve tee, available in white and gray. $23.95,



Grey’s Anatomy Hoodie

If you wanna show your love for a wider array of Grey’s Anatomy characters, you can go with this cleverly designed hoodie, which shows 12 surnames from the series intersecting with the title. $12.98–$30



Personalized Grey’s Anatomy Cushion

Remember that tumor Derek drew on Meredith’s bedroom wall back in Season 6? Now the sketch can adorn your home—in pillow form! $9.99



Printable You’re My Person Definition Print

Need a BFF present, STAT? Look no further than this (ahem, dark and twisty) proclamation of your “person,” ready to be downloaded, printed, and framed at home. $6.06



It’s A Beautiful Day to Save Lives Women’s Relaxed V-Neck T-Shirt

Derek Shepherd’s McDreamiest catchphrase is immortalized on this V-neck T-shirt. $30.95


Grey Sloan Personalized Photo Upload White Mug

Seattle Grace is dead—long live Grey Sloan Memorial! You’ll look like a legit doc with this mug in hand, especially because you can customize it to show your photo as the hospital’s new head of oncology.

Meredith Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital ID Badge

No one gets past the waiting area without a hospital ID card. Luckily, there’s this badge, ready to go for your Halloween costume. $8



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